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February 15, 2013 now up and running on Barnes&Noble and Amazon. Those who want the Kindle edition, give it a day or two for Amazon to catch up to the correct price. It shows the wrong amount right now, and, unfortunately I don't control when they figure it out. Hopefully soon.


Within a week, Shomeyr - Judah's story - should appear automatically on Barnes&Noble. Once it's there, it'll be uploaded to Amazon.



February 3, 2013

First things first, while I won't apologize for putting up the last post, I will apologize for how awful it sounds. That's normally not me. Oh, trust me, I've got a temper, but I usually spout words for a bit, and it blows over. Or, I'll write vitriol and scathing responses, let it sit for a few days, delete, edit and then maybe not even email or post it. Sometimes it's just good to type it out of...

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