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Only one person, but two authors.

I use two names because I write in multiple genres, and often those who read one do not read the other.

Julie L. York

writes fantasy, science-fiction, paranormal, shifter...basically anything make-believe. No sex scenes. No f-bombs. There is some language, but language and scenes are appropriate for 14 yrs and up ~ my children read these ~ but they but are not YA or NA. The stories are written about and for adults.

Julie King York

writes Christian based, religious stories. Regardless of setting, these stories are realistically written, no fluff. No sex scenes or foul language. HOWEVER, I some of my Christian stories are about dark and/or difficult subjects, written in a very realistic manner, so Please read the descriptions. Some of the stories are NOT intended for children, while others can be read by anyone.

-- Coming Soon --

You can find my books at all major ebook retailers (print books on Amazon).

I have been focused on the Self-Editing course and public speaking, so my fiction kinda took a back seat, but NOT permanently!

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