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September 20, 2017

There are few things in life which completely halt everything, occasionally your breath or heart. Serious illness, death of a close family member. A colleague of mine is separated and, luckily for her, her husband is willing to change and they are going to counseling. I mention that because I envy her. Why? She has the chance to really work on things, to truly see if saving their marriage is possi...

May 27, 2017

Hey, Mike Rowe, an entire article that actually agrees with you... and the link was on the top of the homepage on Yahoo! as if it's "new" news. Maybe you're beginning to be heard. Maybe. I can only hope. What you do matters to my job. If not for your advocacy, what I do would be more difficult, because I would have little good news or hope to point out.…/americans-need-jo...

November 17, 2016

In order to keep my teaching license, I am required to take (pay for) 6 credit hours before the license expiration date. I haven't left it until the last minute--this time--but am currently in a class right now. Ironically enough, it is all about online software. Woo Hoo! My forte, and relatively easy.

Don't think I'm getting off scot-free, I still having to pay for graduate credit because it has t...

July 5, 2016

After my regular classes today, I drove over to the rehab where I teach on Saturdays, and got to tell another one of my students that he passed his test and now has an equivalent diploma. He not only passed, but blew it out of the water.

I like handing over that piece of paper, especially to my recovering addicts/alcoholics, because it is physical proof that they aren't dumb, stupid, or losers--non...

May 22, 2016

There are a lot of different kinds of readers...Wait...What? A reader is a reader...right?

Um. No. And yes. A reader *hopefully* reads our books, so yes. But what authors REALLY need from a reader totally depends upon what kind of reader that person is, so no. Lemme explain.

Readers come to authors in a variety of ways: they know us IRL (in real life), family or friends of ours, word of mouth fr...

April 18, 2016



God puts people in your life for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime. Sometimes you are the teacher and sometimes you are the student. Sometimes you are the catalyst and sometimes you are the affected. But there is always a lesson to be learned.

The Reasons have a purpose. God places them in your path for one, specific, purpose. For Good or Bad, their circle touches yours...often for mere moments...

February 26, 2016

You are not just an author, you are a business.

Authors are natural recluses. Writing isn't a team effort. (Even if you are co-writing, with rare exception, you are not in the same room creating at the same time.) And because we don't like being in the limelight, MANY authors, especially with the advent of insanely easy self-publishing, sometimes forget that we are more than a writer of amazing s...

January 22, 2016

This particular topic has been bugging me for months, and not just because I review. While my review list is five books a month, I read voraciously on top of that...especially when I'm stressed and want to hide from the world. Me and curling up in the proverbial closet sometimes come close to being reality when things get tough. Since the start of the school year, it's been insanely

September 13, 2015

Being a teacher of writing, who comes into daily contact with less than stellar writers, the single most important thing I teach them is that if they can do a solid outline-thought process, they can blow their essays out of the water. Editing does not begin after you finish writing. It begins before you put your pen on the paper.

I know that sounds a bit odd. But it's true. Even if you are a self...

August 27, 2015

This is a direct response to a couple of comments on my Instagram feed...because there are just so many answers. One of the many downsides of any kind of online communications is that you can't hear my tone of voice, and I can't see your reactions. As a teacher by nature, this is a MASSIVE handicap for me. I speak authoritatively, with a good side of sarcasm, and I depend on seeing the facial expr...

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