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Initial Blog - I am SO twenty-first century

I am not new to the Internet, thanks to being in college in the very early '90's, when HTML was just a thought, MOSAIC ruled, the only images online were from porn shops, and, obviously, no filters existed. (Talk about a shocking experience for an 18 year old, even one who grew up in the San Fransisco Bay Area!) Most of my friends snicker that I haven't blogged before, when I'm the one they ask to explain computers, software and technology. So it's with a bit of embarrassment that I admit I'm a bit trepidatious about doing this correctly.

Enough readers of "Lady Bryn" have emailed me about my upcoming novel "Solomon Aleph," and followed the thread on Amazon, that it sped up my plans to be online. All my announcements will be here, with a link to my almost-finished website. This way I can answer all questions at one time, and you can all get the same answers.

About "Solomon Aleph" ... I spoke with my beta-reader today and was totally blown away to find out she moved out of state! It's a testament to the craziness of the end of the school year, starting a new job (for both of us) and the insanity with re-locating - she swore she told me she was moving, and I hadn't paid attention to not getting texts from her on a semi-normal basis to think anything was off. Life at its best!

While on the phone with her, she found my email that contained the book and promised to get it done as soon as she could. I promise that if I haven't heard by Thursday, that I'll be calling to get an update. Once again, to be fair, she does have a full-time job and she's doing this for me for free because she loves me and loves to read what I write. (She asked for this blog address, so she may pop in and out.)

To save time, while she's doing her read-through, I'll be doing my final one. That way we should both finish at the same time. Once I have a set date for it being available, I will post it here.


Julie L. York

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