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God's sense of humor is real!

Fate. God. Karma. Murphy's Law. Bad vibes. Whatever the name, it's camped out on my front porch. My beta-reader got "Solomon Aleph" back to me, and I had the sole intention of working my butt off this past weekend to finish it. Obviously, that didn't happen.

The piston rod shot through the oil pan and exhaust system of MY vehicle after work, just as the weekend approached. In layman's terms, imagine a .45 caliber bullet being shot into and through an engine block. That's the amount of damage done to my engine. Needless to say, MY vehicle (being the main people hauler) had to be replaced. So, my Saturday was spent shopping, and not 'cuz I wanted to. (Anyone else hate it when retail therapy is a "have to" and not a "want to?")

Sunday did not go any better. With a me ensconced in a new vehicle, and payments looming in the near future, the battery on my husband's car decided to die. At my brother's house. On the other side of the valley. In 109 degree heat. Battery stores are not open on Sundays. Even in Sin City. OK, Autozone, and the like, ARE open, but the battery is still under warranty. Buying a new one was NOT happening.

Now, there is a bright side to all this. I was NOT driving when the rod tore a hole through my engine - it would have been like hitting a brick wall doing 50. All I did was start it after work. And the piston rod did not go up and through my hood, where the shrapnel could have damaged me or other vehicles, but down toward the ground. AND my husband was at a relative's house, not at work. In an empty employee parking lot, stranded in the 109 heat, when the battery died.

With "Solomon Aleph" back to me, and things calming down, I will be busy every day after work doing my editing and polishing so that I can release it this weekend. I will post here when it's up on Smashwords and Amazon.

Murphy needs to move. Any takers?

Julie L. York

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