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Q & A updates

This was part of my reply to a question about the future "Solomon Aleph" stories, but I felt it warranted it's own post.

Here's my plan. Some of the most interesting characters are the secondary ones, but instead of making the next novel too long, I'm going to write "prequel" novellas for a few of them. I believe many of them are owed a separate story. It'll flesh them out more, introduce plot points, and explain their actions better. (Read - they are screaming at me and won't shut up until I write down their stories. Solomon and Jamie are quiet at the moment. Sort of.)

So far I have in mind a novella for: Gregory Todd, Fitz Pederson, Judah Rasmussen, and Alan Stevens. My beta reader has asked for more on Mo, and Sarah Aleph is kinda trying to butt in, dragging Kevin Banks with her.

These stories will not have to be read in order - each takes place at different times in the characters' lives - nor will you need to read "Solomon Aleph" in order to read and understand the novellas. They will add more information to the plot, but not reading them won't take away from the second book. (And at this point, I'm only aiming for a second one - but once the characters have their way with me, a third might not be out of the question.)

Since my kids are yelling at me for their favorite character, Gregory Todd, and I have to live with them, his novella is going to be written first. I can't honestly say how long it will be till it's done. But I'll post it here when it's off to my beta reader.

I feel like the Bartles & Jaymes guys by saying this: Thank you for your support! I have LOVED writing these characters, and love that others love them.

Happy reading!

Julie L. York

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