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Smashwords distribution information

There is an update on the distribution of "Solomon Aleph" to your favorite eBook sellers. First off, Smashwords runs each book through a review, to make sure it's good enough to be sent to the sellers. Once that's done, it gets shipped to the sellers, who then run it through their own review process. "Solomon Aleph" was just approved through Smashwords and will be shipped out according to the schedule below.

Amazon is not on the list, as I upload them to Amazon myself, separately from Smashwords. The two are talking and will - hopefully soon - merge their technology so that someday I will only have to upload in one place. Until then, the .mobi file (Kindle) is available in both places.

  • Sony - Ships every Thursday or Friday. Books appear about 2 weeks after.

  • Barnes & Noble - Ships every Thursday or Friday. Books usually appear within days.

  • Apple - Ships daily. They manually review all books from all publishers and all distributors. Their reviews usually take up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer.

  • Kobo - Ships daily. Books usually appear within a few days.

  • Diesel - Ships every Thursday or Friday.

I've been checking these sites about my other books, too. Once "Solomon Aleph" shows up, I will post it here.

Happy Reading!

Julie L. York

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