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Almost done - Honest!

I'm sending the first novella off to my beta-reader tonight, so stay tuned for the release. It's called "Hacker: An Aleph Novella." It's some of the back story of Solomon's computer geek Were, Gregory Todd. He's my teens' favorite character, just behind Judah, so his got written first.

I've been asked about why it's two Books, and novellas. Here's how things work in my mind. Sort of. I get an idea for a book, with plots and characters. They swirl around for awhile before I put anything in writing. But as I write, secondary characters and subplots show up as I put the words into sentences. Often I write things scene by scene, even if it takes several chapters to finish the scene I've envisioned. As the scenes progress, new ideas appear. (For example, when I began the book, Mo did not exist.) Once the scene is finished, the characters and plots start swirling. Again.

So, you see, it's all a work in progress. The basic plot stays the same, but ideas and characters are always interfering. Which is how "Solomon Aleph" went from one book to two, to two plus a series of novellas. The characters have too much to say to include it all into one novel, and they are too interesting to ignore.

Hope your holiday weekend was safe and fun.

Julie L. York

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