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Hacker: An Aleph Novella!

After getting the new school year off and running, doing some re-thinking, deep breathing, and making some decisions, I'm recharged. The first of my Aleph Novella series is now available at Amazon is having some issues, but the Kindle edition is currently up and running on Smashwords. Once Premium approval is given by the humans working at Smashwords, it'll be sent out to all eRetailers. In the case of Sony, Barnes&Noble, and iBooks, it took just over a month from the time I uploaded at Smashwords, to being listed.

"Hacker: An Aleph Novella" is about the character Gregory Todd, Solomon's Hacker Lieutenant. There are some past events and some concurrent events blended together to give you a closer look into this fascinating Were.

In the next day or two I'll add to this blog some of the questions and answers I've gotten and given through my email. My website will also be updated with the latest book, and which ones are coming up in what order. I am going to attempt to have just over a month between the release of each novella. Some have been easier to envision and write than others, so that may not hold true - especially with the holiday season coming up.

Just curious, anyone interested in how some of the Weres spend Christmas, or have spent it in the past, or is that too kitschy?

Happy reading!

Julie L. York

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