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Some eBook updates

I took some time today to update the information in my eBooks, and upload new versions at Smashwords and Amazon. I added my web & blog addresses to all of them that didn't have it in there. And I updated "Lady Bryn" to reflect some location concerns I'd gotten in the feedback from readers on Amazon. At the time it was written, I thought it was completely obvious that there had been a location change (to a different continent). Going back over it, with almost a year of focusing on other things, I re-read and was just as confused as many of you no doubt were. It's been taken care of, within the first two or three sentences of that chapter.

Sometimes it takes months for brains to process out the story before I can go back with fresh eyes. Keep up the good work on keeping me on my toes. Let me know where the issues are, and they'll eventually be taken care of.

Happy reading!

Julie L. York

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