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New Novella, and changes on the homefront

It's been awhile since I've made an appearance, but unlike a few snarky comments left in reviews of my books, I am not dead, nor am I lazy. I've never hidden the fact that I am a mother and that I have part time jobs, besides writing. Writing is Not my full time occupation, as much as I'd love it to be. Since the start of the school year, I've returned to teaching, and worked in an office, and written, and had my kids ongoing school lives to keep track of. I am a teacher, and author, and a designer - but above all, I'm a mom, and often my own wants and needs get pushed aside to make sure that theirs are met. And unfortunately for those who have come to love some of my characters as much as I do, my writing is typically what gets shoved aside first.

With 3 part time jobs, and kids, by Christmas something had to give, and having panic attacks was not helping me think straight. Realizing that as awesome as I am in the office world, it is not where I belong, I decided that an easy paycheck isn't worth the stress of knowing I need to be elsewhere. Before graphic design ever existed as a job, and before I found my voice, I wanted to teach. I spent 4 years training for it, and everyday since with my kids living it. I'm back in the classroom, in jeans and Vans, and haven't felt so at home in years. I am only a substitute teacher, for now, which means I get to pick the days that I work, and who I work for.

Giving notice at my office job took so much weight off my sanity, that in the following two days, I started and finished the second Aleph Novella (Fitz's story - Defender), and wrote the third (Judah's story - Shomeyr), sent it to my beta reader, and am now doing the final clean up. I'm subbing all this week, so it's slowed me down a bit. "Defender: An Aleph Novella" is currently up and running at Smashwords, which means it will trickle to everywhere but Amazon in 2-3 weeks. (You Can purchase a Nook, Kindle, or Reader version at Smashwords.) Judah's story "Shomeyr" will be put up next, it should on Smashwords this weekend. And, I have the outline ready to go on Solomon's parents.

Also to answer another question, from a different review, I have not continued Aleph Novel #2, not because I'm lazy or ran out of ideas, but because the last part of the story needs to ferment for a little bit. Part of that fermentation process is writing the novellas. As they are "becoming," I am finding that major plot points are being revealed along the way. These plot points will be hinted at in Book #2, but the novellas help me sort through all the conflicting ideas, making them into a cohesive and believable continuation of Solomon's story. Often there are months, and sometimes up to a year between Parts 1 and 2 of books (I still read voraciously), so I know I'm not the only author who needs to think between books.

Julie L. York

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