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And another one...

First things first, while I won't apologize for putting up the last post, I will apologize for how awful it sounds. That's normally not me. Oh, trust me, I've got a temper, but I usually spout words for a bit, and it blows over. Or, I'll write vitriol and scathing responses, let it sit for a few days, delete, edit and then maybe not even email or post it. Sometimes it's just good to type it out of the system...screaming that way. Unfortunately I got hit on several reviews questioning, and personally attacking, my writing and ethics. I don't tolerate that well, and I doubt anyone else would either. Too often people in cyberspace puke up crap online without thinking about the repercussions of their words, hiding behind the relatively safe anonymity of the Internet...would any of those reviewers have said any of that to my face? No. No one is that brave in person, and most of us know better than to treat someone like that, when they're in front of us. So my advice, before you launch words into cyberspace about someone over something they've created, and you've read, ask yourself two things: would you have the guts to say the same thing in person? and how would you feel if you read that about yourself?

Moving on...

I've got a Goodreads account up and running and all my books have been added. Now, I'm not completely sure about everything that I can do with an author's page on Goodreads, yet. It seems that the never-ending cold just keeps orbiting my house. My family loves to share, and just when we think we're over that latest plague to hit, someone comes home from school or work and shares another one. Once my world stops spinning, and my inner ears clear, I'll sit in front of my account and figure out every awesome thing I can do.

Aleph Novellas #2 and #3 are up and running (in multiple formats) at Smashwords. The second story is about Solomon Aleph's best friend, Fitzwilliam Pederson. The third is about Shomeyr, Judah Rasmussen aka Private. I'm currently half way through writing about Solomon's parents, and loving every minute. I'm almost loving Jethro Aleph more than I love his son. Almost.

I may have to change my mind a bit about the necessity of reading the Aleph Novellas in order to understand Book 2. I've stated that it's not needed...but I'm wondering if I can keep that promise. As I write the Novellas, especially "Shomeyr" and the one with Jethro and Sarah Aleph, I'm find so many hints (and outright plots) within them, that I'm not sure I can just drop hints within Book 2 and make everything make sense at the end. Once I'm finished with all of the Novellas, I'll have to make a list of plot points (the when's and where's and how's) to see if I can work everything into Book 2 - which, though not written, it thought about...often.

In order to do justice to 30 years worth of history, how the mess Solomon is in started, there's no way I could pull off as many flashbacks as I'd need in order for it all to make sense, and put them all into Book 2. So, to answer a query from a different review, yes, I really do need to write the Novellas first.

Julie L. York

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