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Interview - New...continuing blog

Here's the first interview I've ever done as an author...

(humph, where's my newspaper boy to yell for me?)

This is my first blog that wasn't brought over from my Blogger site. I'm excited, and a little scared, because my New Year's resolution is to push myself out into cyberspace. I need to have more of an online presence, and that won't happen by being afraid to reach out first. A Facebook game asked us to tell 5 interesting or unknown facts about ourselves. One of mine was that in any social group (party) situation, I'm the one in the back people watching. One on one, in a small group, or in a classroom setting, I rule and am very outgoing. In a large group, even if I know people, I am not comfortable being the center of attention and stick to walls like old spaghetti.

The website got a facelift and much needed updating, and EVERYTHING related to what I do as an author, editor or cover designer, will be here first....then elsewhere. I will be reaching out to book blogs, so look for interviews and information about that on my Facebook page. There will be a Twitter account and Pinterest in the next week, too.

PLEASE keep in touch and look for posts, pins, blogs and shouts as I try to up my game.

Julie L. York

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