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Book 1 in the Aleph Series


Jamie had no idea that she was special until the day she literally ran into a General. But he wasn't just any General. In fact, he wasn't human. And neither was she. Solomon Aleph is the Regional Alpha, in charge of all Weres in North America. After meeting Jamie, his worst nightmare has come true. With his Region being attacked in cyberspace, and the games started when his father was still alive suddenly beginning again, how can a Regional Alpha Hunt those he can’t see, or answer questions he didn’t know to ask in the first place? And finding a human raised Were female that makes his wolf sit up and take notice is not helping matters. Jamie finds that she isn't as strong as she thinks when she's taken for the experiments. Someone wants Jamie for her DNA. Someone wants Solomon dead. Someone wants the world to know of Weres - so the Hunting will begin again. And the Alpha is powerless to stop what seems to be a decades long plan. Weres fight. Weres kill. But first, the prey must be found. And he will find them.

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